Writer’s block

Ah yes, the dreaded writer’s block. It happens to everyone (and if someone says it doesn’t, they’re lying), and I am certainly no exception.

For me, writing often ebbs and flows. I will have the drive for a story or several and will write voraciously, covering thousands of words. Other times I will be in the middle of several projects, all that I like very much, and yet I can’t bring myself to write a single word.

Alas, I’m experiencing the latter right now. I have four lovely projects (four and a half, if one also counts the completed story I need to keep querying) that I have various amounts of words written for. I could tell you plot ideas, character breakdowns, and how I want the story to end. But the writing itself is alluding me right now.

So today, I’m going to try just ten words. Ten words, and if I can’t do anymore, I’ll stop. But ten words will at least be ten more than I have right now. And who knows? Once I write those first ten, more might follow.


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